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Step 2: Pick a Restaurant

Step 3: Order Take Out


Founded in times of crisis, when your favorite local restaurants were forced to batten down their hatches to take on the ferocious COVID 19.  Other companies were offering to deliver food directly to your door, but were charging you and the restaurant for their services.  We decided to step in and SUPPORT the restaurants with our easy neighborhood delivery system.

Live in a neighborhood?  Great check our list of Neighborhoods or follow us on Facebook.  Once you've found your closest drop point, take a look at the weekly line up and place your order!  To make it as easy as possible for restaurants, please use CVILLEDELIVERY as your first name for the order so they can easily distinguish from other take out orders.



"There is a lot of other money going out there to these corporate companies that you know, you're not going to get that personal service that you're going to get with a local company."

Megan Garvin Co-Owner of Moe's Downtown



Basic Q&A

Who should order?

Anyone with a busy life, that is tired of cooking, that wants to eat delicious food, that actually wants to support local restaurants, that prefers or has to eat in the company of their own home.

What do I order?

Restaurants will vary by night of the week in your neighborhood.  Choose your favorite restaurant or restaurants and pick a entree.

When do I order?

Cut off times vary by restaurant, but 4PM day of should be the latest you procrastinate.  Some restaurants will require more advance notice to participate in Cville Delivery.

Why do I order?

Every other delivery system out there is making a profit from not only the customers, but also a substantial portion from the restaurants.  We will charge you 15% of your total bill from the restaurant when you come to pick up. This ensures restaurants keep 100% of their sales.

Where do I order?

You can take a look at the restaurants that are offered to your neighborhood by the night of the week.  The restaurant's name is a link that will take you directly to their online ordering system.  Links are also available in the text of your neighborhood menu for easy access.

How do I order?

Order directly through the restaurant.  Tell them your name and that you would like Cville Delivery to pick it up.  Place your order to be ready for pick up by 5:15PM and we'll have it to your neighborhood by 5:45PM hot or cold and ready.


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